9 June 2011

The heat

My run last Saturday ended with me passed out on the wrong floor of our condo building (but in front of the right door) and with my mouth covered in blood. Apparently, I didn't hydrate enough that morning and although I've run in the heat before, I seldom run in the middle of the day. After eight hours in the emergency room and four liters of saline, I was right as rain. Back jogging Tuesday and Thursday and, except for feeling a little gun-shy, all is normal.

Picked up some bluetooth headphones for $35 and an arm band for my phone and have started jogging with that instead of my MP3 player. Internet radio plus a GPS jogging app. The radio has been getting pretty good coverage, Grooveshark drops a lot for some reason though, and the jogging app is more annoying than useful. I always forget to stop my route at the end.

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