9 January 2012


The photos from a 1980s scifi convention called Westercon have been making the rounds over the last week or so (see io9 and Boing Boing for starters, the io9 comments have people going full-nostalgia, which is an historical document in itself). I started reading Ready Player One a few days ago, and so this sort of sepia-toned craziness is well-timed. It's a history I'm not a part of (I was reading Dune, possibly a second or third time, and collecting Micronauts at the time) but one that I feel tied to. Honestly, I wasn't cool enough to be with these people.

I've been picking through anime to watch on my new Android tablet. Recent viewing history on Netflix and Crunchyroll has been: Corpse Princess, Time of Eve, Pale Cocoon, and Mnemosyne. Star Blazers, recently added to Netflix, has tempted me though I know it won't live up to memories of my obsessive morning viewing before going on my paper route.

With this in mind, an io9 comment about a 1980s anime called Dirty Pair caught my attention. I'd never heard of it. Two YouTube-ripped episodes later--silly, but self-aware--and the complete series plus a 10-episode OVA run is on its way from an Amazon reseller.

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