29 August 2012

How they treat their own

"Fuck You, Tyrants!": Ron Paul Supporters Rebel On Convention Floor. And a description of how the RNC screwed Ron Paul from Redditor stevejobsatemyliver:

Well... really quick... you know when states vote in the primaries they're basically voting for who will fill the seats at the convention. If Candidate X wins, then the seats are filled with Candidate X Loyalists. As the primaries wind down and candidates drop out, they start throwing support (the seats they had gotten to date) to the lead candidate.

But Ron Paul did not fully endorse Romney. Meaning it was sort of a wild card as to who his delegates would vote for. To solve this the convention did two things:

1) The Party took Ron off the official convention ballot. Their rule had been that you had to win 5 states to be listed, and at the last minute they upped it to 8. Thus depriving Ron of any mention at the convention. (Ron Paul's message gains strength by getting publicity, so for them the convention robbed them of a big win here.)

2) The Party wouldn't let the Ron Paul loyalists sit down, and instead replaced them with Romney loyalists from Maine. Thus insuring that nobody would be doing anything that would distract from Romney's big night.

There's a debate going on in the Wikipedia talk page over whether this should be included. It was removed without comment (very bad form on an active subject) and not yet returned.

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