2 February 2005

Aaaaand ... CUT!

This month's Harper's has selections from the blog Query Letters I Love. That site contains pitches for movies from people who seem ... a little less than qualified to pitch movies. But we can still benefit from their mania.

Take, for instance, this little gem:

It isn’t just the monkey that sets 'Laughing My Sphincter Off' apart from other cancer memoirs, it’s also my skewed sense of humor. The one-two-punch of the monkey’s low down physical commentary coupled with my friskiness of mind give the reader a unique look inside the soul of a person battling colorectal cancer.

Or this (presented in its entirety)!

LOGLINE: Remember the olden days, when good and evil clashed and gods and goddesses walked the earth? Well, they're back...And they brought their own soundtrack!

Be prepared to waste a lot of time here...

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