21 March 2005

Comic Page of the Week


Flaming Carrot, No. 25, back cover. Flaming Carrot challenges Death to a game of Jarts a la The Seventh Seal [IMDB].

FC says: Yes, Mr. Death ... I'll play you a game! But not chess!!! Bah ... Fooey! My game is Jarts!!! Here's the full text of Bob Burden's explanation of this scene:

Here's a piece of vintage Carrot memorabilia.

Back in late 1983 I drew this cover for FLAMING CARROT #2. The story was DEATH GETS DRUNK. There's a very cool Swedish movie from the fifties that you always saw in film class called THE SEVENTH SEAL. There is a classic scene in it, where a medieval knight plays Death a game of chess to keep his soul. I was goofing on this arty film when I had the Carrot wanting to play Death a game of JARTS.

We did up the ash cans of the issue (ash cans are sort of prototype issues, usually xeroxed and sent to distributors or taken to conventions to promote and "road test" the book) and I was real proud of the wacky reference to the famous Bergman film. When people around here didn't laugh at the cover I assumed it was the obscurity of the film but them some asked "What's jarts?" I soon discovered that a lot of people had never heard of this "lawn" game where you have these rings you lay on the ground and toss the large Javelin like darts into the rings, kind of like horse shoes. It was a fad thing up North when I was growing up and sort of a quintessential '60's thing like hoola-hoops or pez dispensers, very suburban and kitschy, but it apparently never made it down South.

Anyway, I redrew the cover a second time using wiffle ball as the gag and everything was find. I did use the face of Death from the first cover, pasting a xerox of it over the second face because I liked it better.

Genius. I think he still lives here in Atlanta.

BTW, this was one of many FC/TMNT cross-overs. They were pals on the independent circuit. There's also a Cerebus/FC cross-over around Cerebus 100 (the Ascension).

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