22 April 2014

Nowhere Men phantom issues

[ updated 19 Jan 2016 ]

Random coincidnece: speaking with Matt about comic book recommendations, I looked up Nowhere Man and found the article I Feel Like I'm Waiting For Something That's Never Going To Happen: Eric Stephenson On The Return Of 'Nowhere Men' over at Comics Alliance reporting that issue 7 comes out tomorrow, with the remaining run of 12 issues total following. New artist and a reference to another work by writer Eric Stephenson titled They're Not Like Us. Interesting.

[ updated 28 Apr 2014 ]

Nowhere Men, Canceled!? asked a day ago on Reddit. Curiosity is in the air, but not much information beyond The release information was entirely recalled and there's been like no word at all as far as I know. That explains all the "not available" issues I found. The thread Eric Stephenson and Nowhere Men? from a month ago has less optimistic comments: Fuck I just came back from my comic book Shop. They told me that shit got cancelled. ... I think issue 6 is the very last. Not promising.

Trying to catch up on when the Nowhere Men comic series is going to start up again. After six issues they went on hiatus back in October of last year with no hint of when it will resume. Several sites are now, inexplicably, posting a #10 for pre-order, and Archonia has issues 7 through 10 listed with titles, yet also marked as "discontinued". Titles of the first six don't seem to appear anywhere in print, but they're available on the Image site:

  2. There are fates worse than death.
  3. Some disasters are bigger than others.
  4. Everybody's on the run.
  5. Dead to the world.
  6. Thinking the unthinkable.
  7. NOWHERE MEN #7 - Meet Monica Strange. Also found listed as "not available" but with cover image via Google search on TFAW
  8. NOWHERE MEN #8 - Life's what you make it. TFAW
  9. NOWHERE MEN #9 (MR) - The world is changing. TFAW.
  10. NOWHERE MEN #10 (MR) - From despair to where? TFAW

So, maybe these new ones got posted early? Or leaked? No Wikipedia page. No further info on Comic Book DB or Comic Book Series Wiki.

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