3 August 2005

RealOne sucks

I am so incredibly pissed at RealOne that it's inconceivable.

I've used it for years to organizize my ripped CDs. It has it's usability problems, but generally gets the job done. Until earlier today when I had it rename files in my collection en masse to take care of some several dozen that had been tagged correctly but that were in various wrong folders. Like other organizers, RealOne has a feature to move files based on a directory structure that matches the file information: Artist\Album\Track.mp3, Album\Track.mp3, Album\Artist - Track.mp3, etc.

Well, after I did the simple re-org, a large number of the files have been renamed as fucking duplicates of existing files! The second movement from Beethoven's Piano Sonata #15 is "Kool Thing," or rather "Kool Thing (2)" sitting in the same directory of the actual "Kool Thing" and with the exact same ID3 information as the actual "Kool Thing." Elvis Costello is now apparently Kansas, and Prokovief symphonies are part of the Hip Jazz-Bop! collection.

Mother. Fuck.

I have over 3,000 tracks recorded and from a certain amount of very frustrated looking, it appears that there could be hundreds of these mis-labels. I am so infuriated that--and I say this with complete seriousness, so arrest me now--I am going to BOMB THE FUCK OUT OF THE REAL.COM HEADQUARTERS!!

I don't even know how to begin fixing this.

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