16 September 2005

Behold: The absentee napkin

Running very late this week--my body is not adjusting to the work week. This month's question: "There's a natural disaster. You can only save one thing. What would it be?" This month's answers:

the absentee napkin

And for you completists, here are the previous napkins along with a rare image of the current napkin in its natural environment. Ooooh.

My involvement at the APWBWLTGTTD meeting was: Art/Las Vegas discussion with new acquaintance Neon Poisoning and blogger/writing discussion with equally new acquaintance Inside the Perimeter. Faces and names ... got it. And the general geek talk with the rest of the geeks. Aaaaand a knock-down-drag-out political row after hours at Manuel's (Man-WELL's?) with HollisMB and Lady Crumpet.

I am not fucking kidding, I am really fucking worn out tonight. I need a break.

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