18 December 2005

Aeon Flux (2/5)

aeon flux

Held with considerable distain by most critics (making Rotten Tomatoes Worst Flix of 2005), this movie really isn't that bad but it's got some problems and could have easily been much better.

The problems: the dialog is empty and will often restate the action without adding anything, scenes are sometimes overly stylish and mannerist, and the movie as a whole is episodic and lacks any dramatic arc or variation. Aeon's conversation with her sister Una early in the film labors at exposition with inelegant dialog. Near the end of the film, as Trevor sees troops approaching Aeon and him, the best the writers could come up with was to have him face Aeon and say "They're coming." The style of the film should have been one of it's strong points, and at times it works but I'm not sure why people have to be acrobats to fight.

Aeon Flux succeeds at being just entertaining enough to be not horrible. The story is interesting, and the mysterious disappearances and public ennui are explained nicely. The sets are realistic enough to be a believable not-too-distant future. And, of course, Charlize is easy on the eyes. Rent or enjoy as a lazy Saturday afternoon movie when it hits TV.

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