2 January 2008


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Years represent New Year's Eve year!

Our various New Year's celebrations (how come I can't remember more?!?):

  • 1998 (?) - Dinner with Lisa and my brother and his wife at South of France (closed)
  • 1999 - Millenium fun at Pricci, private room with around 15 friends
  • 2000 (?) - Romantic dinner at home
  • 2001 (?) - in New Orleans for a bowl game and craziness on the streets
  • 2002 - Big party at the Georgia Tech Conference Center with multiple DJs and craziness
  • 2003 - Big party at our pad
  • 2004 - Dinner at Nakato with friends
  • 2005 - Party at Stacey and Alby's
  • 2006 (?)
  • 2007 - Charleston, SC, dinner at Cyprus with Lisa

    [ updated 23 Jul 2014]

    Lisa found what we did in SC:

    Hotel: The King Charles Inn: http://kingcharlesinn.com/ Not "inexpensive" but worth it. We hung out in the pub every night, before we struck out for the evening and upon our return from the evening.

    Dinners: Two great dinners... We rang NYE in at Cypress; one of 3 sibling restaurants that all get great buzz (Blossom and Magnolias are the other two; Cypress is the newest): http://www.magnolias-blossom-cypress.com/

    Another night was spent at 82 Queen: Nestled into an old home with a huge magnolia in the courtyard: http://www.82queen.com/

    Brunch before we left: Poogan's Porch, tucked away in a very quaint home: http://www.poogansporch.com/gallery/

  • 2008 - Palate and Feast with Shelby and Robert

[ updated 23 Jul 2014]

Later years:

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