8 August 2008

Tech changes

A few changes to the web site here. First, I had to block hotlinking after I was trolling through the logs and wondered why a certain Watchmen image was getting loaded every few seconds. Who knows how long it's been going on. ?!? And it took me too long to figure out the correct combination of httpd.conf and .htaccess configurations (my httpd.conf was in kindof a mess from previous changes...), but blocking has finally been acheived. Then, I decided to take the plunge after four years of blogging and add Sitemeter. I like the world map view. Someone in Dubai is visiting me? Really?!

On the how-am-I-connecting-to-the-internet front, I'll be switching from Earthlink (nee Mindspring) to Atlantic Nexus next Wed-nes-day. Same price. Higher speed. Much higher ratings on DSL Reports. I was thinking about going cable, but it's easier to swtich to a different DSL provider first to try to solve my connection woes. Lisa 'n' I will be keeping our @mindspring email addresses 'cause she insisted and it's only ~$30/year, and also, let's face it, I'd really miss all of the spam that accumulates from an 11-year-old email address. After the internet switcheroo, I cancelled a bunch of stupid phone features and cut $20 off of our bill. Holy shit we've been wasting some money.

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