26 July 2009

Two prints ordered from Giant Robot

Two prints captured my fancy when Lisa and I visited the Giant Robot store during our last visit to NYC. It was the end of our last day of the trip so I made no effort to purchase. Earlier this week, I emailed the store and the manager replied promptly (thanks!) telling me that the Los Angeles store had them. Score!

Blinky's "My Lovely One" (Blinky on MySpace, Blinky's Flickr stream, Blinky on deviantART):


[ updated 30 Jun 2013 ]

Monkeyhouse Toys has the original "My Lovely One" painting for sale for $1700. Taken from their Deliberate Alchemy show curated by Blinky. The show ran from 14 Jul to 12 Aug 2012 at the Monkeyhouse Toys art gallery in LA.

Christopher Bettig's "Stargazing":

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