12 June 2010

Video: Technotise: Edit and I

Cool Serbian animation, from the graphic novel Technotise, called Edit and I:

Technotise - Edit and I

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The plot is set in Belgrade in 2074. The main character is Edit, a female psychology student. After her sixth failure at the same university exam, she decides to have the chip installed to help her pass. From that moment, her life changes and unusual things start happening to her.

Supposedly, it's getting a live-action remake from Hollywood (yeah, that old thing) and the producers created studio hype by getting someone to make a mock trailer by pasting together clips from other sci-fi flicks. wft?! I'll quote a pithy comment from io9: So let me get this straight - a director used other people's work as a animated storyboard for a trailer to remake an animated film into a live action film? Quite the wtf.

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[ updated 19 Jul 2011 ]

Full movie up on YouTube now!

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