7 March 2012

Phonebot Plus

My Phonebot Plus app is now available on the Android Market/Google Play. Phonebot is an application that allows you to create applications directly from your phone. It includes features such as a script language and interpreter, visual screen layout, and database management. For Phonebot Plus, I've added some useful development tools in addition to what you get with standard Phonebot, along with more display formatting properties. New stuff:

  • Step debugger - Pause and step over each line of script as it executes
  • Script browser - Quickly access and update any script in an application
  • Database browser - Create and manage database schemas and data
  • Log browser - Access application-specific logs
  • User-defined methods - Create reuseable scripts that can be called from any event
  • Display properties - Configure background color, padding, and font properties

Be forewarned: All of this wonder will cost you nearly One US Dollar. Gasp!

Check out the Developer's reference for full details on what you can create. The main Phonebot page also lists several of its competitors and semi-competitors that are out there. I also posted about it on Reddit and Hacker News.

I had this field cornered when I first started but it's gotten pretty active recently, with several full-fledged Java IDEs available now. The benefit that I think Phonebot offers is with its high-level script language, script generators, and visual layout editor. These are all features that eliminate typing and let you create applications quickly.

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