1 December 2012

British crime dramas we watched in 2010-2011

Was remembering these recently for some reason.

First, Wire in the Blood about a slightly eccentric psychologist who helps the police with their more disturbing cases. This is the common outside specialist trope that, if it isn't present, is replaced by a detective with equally obscure specialties. Second, A Touch of Frost about an older, unorthodox detective working in a small town. Because of his age, this had a bit of a "Murder, She Wrote" feel for me. Both series worked nicely with the relationships of a core three or four characters. Wire lasted 6 years and ToF a full 18, yet with some seasons consisting of only 1 or 2 movie-length episodes. They were a nice diversion to watch periodically since, like other crime dramas, they lacked any cliffhanging addictiveness between episodes. It's odd how long we lived with these characters in the background.

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