6 April 2013

A burgeoning feud between Glenn Greenwald and Sam Harris

Found a Twitter exchange between the two, posted by Greenwald. Harris is against Islam (no surprise if you've read The End of Faith) and Greenwald is against the fallacy of composition and against ignoring the aggression of the US. Greenwald: So some Muslims, Christians, and Jews do X. @SamHarrisOrg says that Muslims do X more, and you can't refute that. Includes links to critiques of Harris's views. From Chomsky: the "new atheism" should focus its concerns on the virulent secular religions of state worship [instead of fundamentalist religion], so well exemplified by those who laud huge atrocities like the invasion of Iraq.

Then an aggregation of articles spurred on by journalist Murtaza Hussain's article on Harris. Of the many-links-to-read, Theodore Sayeed's article stands out.

(Unrelated: the manner in which Blogspot builds a page of images and text from Ajax calls and dozens of loads of the same timestamp-expired JavaScript file can suck a fuck. TB-L should hunt down the developer and slap them.)

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