Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

What am I feeling?

I paused a movie because Mathias had to go to Ace Hardware. Lisa got back from Goodwill and we heard screaming and honking outside. As I was looking up why “Four Seasons Total Landscaping” was trending I switched and saw the news.

It’s around 11:30 AM and Pennsylvania is called:

Midtown is going crazy.

I liked this a few minutes ago when it was at ~50k likes:

quiet celebration with my brother, those were the only words we said and it was more than enough

12:38 Nevada added:

Trump was golfing when he got the call. Pitch perfect. That and the “Four Seasons Total Landscaping” debacle. My mom hadn’t heard about that so I sent her this summation:

His team intended to book the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia to announce proof of election fraud and accidentally booked the Four Seasons Total Landscaping company. They actually showed up and while Giuliani was speaking, he received the announcement that Biden was declared the winner. The cherry on top: it’s right next to an adult book store, and once again I Am Not Making Any of This Up.

the AP shot for history books

The videos from the crowd at FSTL are terrifying. Or sad?

pic from reporter Richard Hall, @_RichardHall, 7 Nov 2020, 11:52 AM, read his entire thread for the event starting 7 Nov 2020, 9:53 AM for more insanity

I feel somewhat better when seeing the flag now. A little less fear that it might be coming from a fascist and a little less shame about what it means.

one of our neighbors

I posted a message to our company’s general Teams channel wishing everyone a “Happy Victory over Fascism Day” and have no regrets. There are at least two Trump supporters. Fuck them.

Biden and Harris change their Twitter profiles, Harris’s is delightful:

President-Elect Biden
Vice President-Elect Harris

And absolutely brilliant image from Bria Goeller via WTF AMERICA,:

Lisa and I went to The Vortex to pick up burgers before Biden’s and Harris’s speeches. We were there election night four years ago with Artie at the bar when everything got fucked and wanted to be there when it finally got un-fucked. He was not working last night, but we’ll try to stop by this week.

Minor celebration of joyous smiles with the concierge as we go through our lobby.

There’s a kind of out-of-body relief over what we went through over the last four years. I still cannot bring myself to think about what the other outcome would have meant.

Bob and Lisa and us got hotel rooms at The Candler downtown election eve. It was a rough night and morning. I wore my Shepard Fairey-inspired Crow T. Robot shirt because he’d been my sane companion these last few years. Wore it after the news yesterday too. I know it’s very silly and childish, but his joy helped me through that morning and was my celebration pal all of Saturday.

thank you Crow

One thought from my tweets yesterday, regarding comparisons of our feelings after Obama won to now:

I do not want to diminish other monumental moments, but greatness following absolute evil feels more consequential than absolute greatness following normalcy. And I’m so joyous and horrified to have lived through both.”

This emotional response from Van Jones:

Our built-in book shelves are almost complete. As Lisa and I were scrolling news yesterday and watching Mathias put them together, she thought about getting a sculpture for one of the shelves. This will fit perfectly and feels absolutely fitting. We will own edition number 152 of 1,000. It will be cast and shipped in 4-6 months: