8 June 2004

WAP woes

We live in lofts that used to be state government offices. The walls have metal studs instead of wood ones (nudge nudge), so our condo has a couple of dead spots for the wireless network. Enter the wireless extension point!

Blast! LinkSys doesn't appear to have one. But wait!! D-link has one!

The path I must take is clear now. Still, it would be nice to pay only $40 instead of $70...

Although several sites with vague information suggested that the WRE54G would work with 802.11b access points, this article quoting a Linksys spokesperson says it does not. The Linksys products of interest are:
  • 802.11b
    • WUSB11 - USB network adapter,
    • WET11 - ethernet network adapter
  • 802.11g
    • WAP54G - access point, supports b & g clients,
    • WRT54G - 4-port router and access point, supports b & g clients,
    • WRE54G - range extender, supports g access points and b & g clients
I can upgrade to g for only $150 or so, or I can go with the D-Link DWL 800AP+ (802.11b) for $70.
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