8 January 2013


A few months ago, I read the Ars article on the new free mobile data service called FreedomPop. It's a WiMax hotspot that lets you tether up to 8 devices and use up to 500 MB a month for free. The only cost is $100 to purchase the hardware. The first few uses were monitoring the November election from my WiFi tablet while Lisa and I hung at the bar at The Vortex. We were there from the 2008 election, so it's sortof a tradition? And definitely good luck. I would also use it in hotels to avoid futzing with their $10/day WiFi. And it was very convenient for our Austin trip both at the airport (to supplement the all-but-useless "free" WiFi that's offered) and at the hotel or when kicking around town.

Sadly, when my car got broken into, my FreedomPop hotspot was stolen and I had to disable it. Based on how much I actually ended up using it and the fact that insurance was footing the bill, I decided to purchase a replacement. After a few hiccups with support, I was finally told If you wish to replace your lost device, you will have to order one from our website using a new email address. That's not an egregious request, but it's weird enough to stop me from ordering another. My old account still exists, but it appears to be in some nether-state of not-disabled/not-enabled. Before this, I'd sent three invitations from their web site. Two were recorded as sent, one disappeared, and none of them were ever received (sorry, Mason, Ryan, and David). For the time being, they seem to be floundering in their account management duties.

I wouldn't not recommend them, but I'd avoid issues with your account.

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