12 March 2015

Smart watch 2

Six months on, almost exactly, and the smart watch scene has matured to mid-infancy. Apple provided more specifics about their watch on Monday (starts at $350, releases on 24 Apr) and so the reviewers began assessing the potential and comparing it against Android Wear.

[ updated 24 Apr 2015 ] Ars Technica has a rundown of which models get Wi-Fi (via the hard work of Phandroid).

The Android offerings have gotten very stylish. What Caught My Eye:

Moto 360 - The first good design, still holds up.

Asus Zenwatch - The rare rectangular design that also looks good. I'm not sure why I think it looks better than the iWatch. Need to see them next to each other.

Huawei's Android watch - Just announced. See This could be the best-looking Android Wear smartwatch yet from The Verge for copious details. Better look than the 360 because the band connects in the middle of the watch instead of at the base.

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