18 September 2004

More convergence: PVRs

Over at /., the geeks are duking it out over MythTV (a Linux-based, open source PVR) and Microsoft's Media Center Edition.

I love what MythTV is doing, but the geek-based set-up and maintenance (as one of the geeks admits) may not be worth it. Honestly I am glad that I went w/even less painful option of Tivo but that's me. If MythTV eventually streamlines the setup, which they've been doing, to the point of near-effortlessness, I'll consider it. I want to watch TV, not tinker with it.

Throw some open source programmers at the problem of media convergence and many of those that'd-be-really-cool features that a corporation would never implement will just appear. This is part of the beauty of open source: coders doing what they love, doing it well, and others benefitting.

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