28 October 2004

TiVo lockdown!

There's been more hubbub surrounding TiVo concerning its recent update that will restrict how long you can keep PPV and video-on-demand recordings. First, from my recent, rare purchase of Wired, they had an interview with a TiVo rep providing a half-hearted defense of the changes. Then, from my recent subscription to the PVR Blog feed, they had several entries discussing it.

And today, who else but /. has a lengthy, and interesting, discussion on it. They reference both the Wired article and the PVR blog. Here's a quick breakdown of their collective assessment.

Arguments are great in a survival-of-the-fittest way. Although, as with this /. discussion, there doesn't have to be a strong and weak argument. Sometimes there can be just a bunch of interesting opinions. The TiVo discussion comes down to these opinions:

  1. Restrictions such as this will kill TiVo
  2. Restrictions such as this are cheating the customer
  3. Customers who expect complete freedom are cheating the companies
  4. TiVo is a helpless pawn to the media providers
  5. This is why I use MythTV/FreeVo
  6. MythTV/FreeVo is easier to use than TiVo
  7. TiVo is easier to use than MythTV/FreeVo
  8. I don't use PPV or video-on-demand, so I couldn't give a shit

I'm currently in #8, but I have been tempted to move to #5. The extra features including media integration (video, music, streaming) and network connectivity are compelling. However, a /. poster brought up the point that digital cable is encrypted and cannot be used with MythTV/FreeVo.

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