17 June 2005

Laptop, part 2

After a few minor mishaps with my order, my new laptop finally came in today! Nice machine, but I first must uninstall all of the 90-day trial software. Grr. The New Machine always brings on a scarey, blank slate feeling. It is, beyond the trial crap, pristine and will never be as clean as it is or run as well as it does today. I'm tempted to get Norton GoBack but am a little wary of all of the horrible reviews [Amazon] it gets from owners using XP. Still, for $22 it's tempting. I've also been impressed by Microsoft Virtual PC [Amazon] or even VMware Workstation [Amazon]. Nice way to keep a clean machine and delegate messy test installs to an image.

So I need to buy a bunch of software before I can use my new laptop? Yeah, I guess that's how it looks.

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