18 October 2005

Where was I?

Back from Mason's wedding but not completely recovered. What happened?

Left work early on Thursday (and almost got my 40 hours in with a little creative weekend work) and did the 4.5 hour trip to a bed & breakfast called The Inn At Folkston. Very nice and very environmentally conscious--recycling, fresh vegetables, etc. Highly recommended. The owner is an ex-diplopmat of some sort and he and his wife have many of their travel spoils decorating the place along with about 1,000 books I-kid-you-not. I didn't really get a chance to talk to them much or have the opportunity to enjoy the accommodations as much as I should have because of the busy schedule. Good reason to go back. To Folkston? Absolutely!

Thursday night arrival I sat in the front room with a book and bottle of wine in the sultry southern breeze as Lisa ran a few errands. Very relaxing. Then Mason joined me and took care of some late online reservations. Yes, the Inn has free wi-fi! Another good reason to stay there.

Although by staying at a b&b, we missed out on the pool at the Relax Inn:


There are several photos not-in-my-possession with the party-goers gathered on those pool stairs. If I remember correctly. And I'm not sure if I do. (A frog was involved also.)

Here I am making merry with the other groomsmen in the Lord's House:


The rehersal dinner (Friday night) and wedding reception (Saturday night) were at the Mizell House--a historic mansion near the center of town. The weather was perfect and all of the events were memorable (although as is usual I met more people that I could ever possibly remember). A very neat-o time was had by all. The New Couple are now in San Francisco and on their way to Napa. It's known as wine country, you know.

OK, maybe that'll be nicer than The Inn At Folkston, but still ... it was pretty nice.

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