7 November 2005

Where was I?

Man, this past week has been weird. Or busy. Or I just lost track. I waste time on the weekends (mostly recovery from over-indulgence) and then feel hurried during the week.

Last weekend (not yesterday, but the one a week before) we went to a big fat fuckin' Halloween party on Leslie St. in Kirkwood and met Matt and Lori (briefly) and Lady Crumpet and Scott (with whom I crawled into a crawlspace to dig through a cache of Ebony magazines circa 1970). It was the third year of my gorilla suit, so Lisa and I came as King Kong and Faye Wray.

No, the other way around: Faye Wray and King Kong.

Anyway, it was relatively low-key except for The Driving Home of the Annihilated Friend. And no, it wasn't me. That happened around midnight and we headed back till I'm not sure when. Bonfire in the back and creeeeepy decoraaaations.

faye wray

The night before was an Octoberfestivus celebration at Liz and Matt's where I made it through Shaun of the Dead but crashed halfway through The Shining. I'm a lousy guest but at least it saved my energy for a late night of creeeeepy decoraaaations. Sunday was recouperatin'.

The next weekend (the past few days) began with a false start on Friday at Krog Bar (way too small) which quickly moved to dinner at Eclipse Di Sol on Highland. The occasion was our old co-worker/friend/thespian Diane (old photo of us here) was back in town for the weekend and we were wont to celebrate. After that it was--ugh--off to Hand in Hand where I'm told we hung out until 3 or so. Photos exist documenting the night, but who knows where. Saturday, recoup and head over to Alicia and Dan's housewarming at their extremely neat-o house. I am such a condo person, but this was the first time I was ever jealous of a house. And surprise of surprises: Lady Crumpet and Scott were there too! Things happened and I think I kissed another old co-worker when she and I were re-enacting a series of humorous sight-gags. I apologize, friend, but I suspect it got the laugh I was shooting for. Movies exist documenting the night, but again, etc.

My first thoughts the next morning, mostly headache free, were of the I-gotta-change-my-life sort. Yeah, I know, I know...

Yesterday was the Wyeth exhibit at the re-opening of the High which I was eagerly anticipating. Beautiful beautiful pieces. Then a lousy lunch at Einstein's (Chardonnay instead of Sauvignon Blanc and then very only warm biscuits and gravy). Walking into the place, I got a really weird vibe as sort of a premonition of a bad meal to come. I had originally passed it off as someone just giving me the stink-eye, but realize now that a bad vibe is a bad vibe. Respect the vibe.

Oddly, I had a good week or so of piano practice and a couple of days jogging. This week should be very busy work-wise though.

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