18 November 2005

Where was I?

Pot luck lunch with the developers on Thursday. We have: Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Brazilian co-workers, so the eats were varied and delicious. I brought my famous chili (that's American, isn't it?) and got many compliments. It's the spice that makes it nice (TM).

Drinking with blogfriends (TM) on Thursday night at Limerick Junction. Mingaling made the plans and was roundly mocked for picking a place with live music (that interrupts our briliant conversations?!?). However, the space worked very well for those who attended, and M got us all to impluse-drink a round of Irish Carbombs (or, as I remembered them, Irish Pipe Bombs) with the waitress. I give it seven thumbs up. I talked to people afterwards, although I'm not sure who. Later in the evening, HMB and I met up with The Wife and The Gals at Bazzaar. With my slackwear jeans and old sneakers, I'm not sure how I got in to such a swank joint.

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