8 January 2006

Where was I?

Busy working, practicing piano, and coding.

Went to Asada with friends on Friday night based on several recommendations. I had had upset internal things going on since like New Years, so I've been trying to cut down on food during the week. To keep with the theme of paucity, I only had the salad and mussels, which were good. A majority of the table, however, felt that the dishes had not-much-special to them. Nice atmosphere and definitely worth a second try. Later was drinks (from a seedy liquor store) over at Alicia and Dan's then we poured ourselves home.

Yesterday was season two of Arrested Development (X-mas gift!). My post last April noted that the phrase "Franklin Comes Alive" garnered 17 hits at the time. It's up to 2,040 now. The deleted scenes were throwaway, but we got hooked on the cast commentary for the "Good Grief" episode.

Last night, we finally made it to the much-anticipated Grape restaurant on 10th. Great appetizers and extremely useful pairings for everything on the menu, however the wine descriptions were somewhat lacking. More goofy than informative. Oh well. The staff was very helpful--I think they pegged us as locals and obvious alchoholics.

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