16 January 2006

Where was I?

Early Friday at Fernbank's Planetarium to see the special on Einstein. A little to light with the facts it left us both wanting more, but the hour-long show was otherwise breezey and pleasant. I'll still never be able to point out Sagittarius, though.

Birthday party for a friend at Front Page News in L5P on Friday then birthday dinner for another friend at Taurus in Midtown/Buckhead on Saturday. Both featured exclusive rooms ... oooh. I had the Pan Roasted Filet Mignon with Garlic Mashed Potatoes (not great, but good) and Lisa had ... Grilled Veal Porterhouse (I don't do veal ... oddly, Taurus had some dishes with pork from free range farms, but not all dishes were).

Having segued with that rant: we'll be hitting Whole Foods on the 24th to support the Animal Compassion Foundation. It's sort of like the middle class version of the $1000-a-plate dinner at a fund raiser. Not the most noble effort but not all that bad either.

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