22 January 2006

Where was I?

Sometime around summer of last year, I remember having a busy week where I was out late every night from Tuesday through Saturday. By Friday morning, I felt like a shell but still kept going. I think that was the first time that I realized that my days of burning twice as bright are coming to an end. This week was another reminder.

Wednesday was open mic and late dinner at DaVinci's. Thursday was Big Fun at the anniversary blogger meet up consisting of Part 1 at Trader Vic's and Part 2 at The EARL. Neon Poisoning was dubbed King of the Irish Car Bombs--definitely the new signature blogger drink. Friday started with Moresight at The Red Light Cafe (very good show) and ended with a few of us closing down McCray's Tavern. Saturday was the wedding of a couple of Lisa's previous/current co-workers up in Alpharetta. The reception had: great Italian food and an open bar. We wisely stayed at the hotel.

Sunday came too soon.

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