6 February 2006

Where was I?

Dinner out on Friday at Baraonda (they refuse to seat us in the newer area) where we crossed paths with hollismb. Then late-nite drinks at Avra. Manhattans for everybody! hic. Saturday was shopping for Lisa at Fab'Rik on W. Peachtree where she got a very cool dress for later that evening. Ooh la la. Said evening was a group dinner to try out the new-ish Lobby at Twelve over in Atlantic Station. Very nice. Afterwards, the crowd thinned down to just Lisa & I, so we ended the evening at Midcity Cafe. It's been a while. The long-haired bartender was now in a short-haired state after he donated the difference to children with cancer (maybe something like this). What a great cause. Who knew?!?

Sunday was a few hours at work then the superbowl at a friends where we warmed up with Napoleon Dynamite and I learned that I'm a horrible foosball goalie.

Throughout we've been watching season two of The (British) Office. Just two episodes left, plus the Christmas special, but I'm already depressed. I love The British Office, but The American Office is easier on the emotions--without being watered-down or cheesy.

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