25 February 2006

Where was I?

Fiery Furnaces show on Wednesday with Lisa & Scott. Tried out my new camera phone (I'm one of those people now) with poor results:



First time to see them live and it was very entertaining. Much more noisy-rocky than their recorded stuff. She still cracks me up with her Freaks and Geeks fashion sense and complete non-persona on stage. It's perfect. I think we saw some of the famous sibling squabbling, but not sure.

Yesterday was my every-ten-years physical and believe-it-or-not I'm very healthy. Well, we'll confirm in two weeks after my blood gets examined.

Last night was Moresight at The EARL (forgot to post it here beforehand, jackass). Good show, but my sparse diet throughout the day--despite the food at Graveyard Tavern before--led to one of those hazy/blurry nights. LC was there. This photo proves it (sort of):


No good shots of the band.

Movies have been: Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story (3/5) (a little thrown together, but it had its moments), Oldboy (5/5) (Asian extreme cinema that was very difficult to watch at times, but had an amazing story and range), Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (5/5) (bought it along with the three W&G shorts). Also re-watched Wild, Wild Planet and watched half of Mission: Stardust, but it had a bad scratch and I'm waiting for a replacement. Grr.

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