1 August 2009

Grief from Amsterdam

The middle of this week greeted me with constant web server issues. Periodically, and increasingly, my blog would get flooded with invalid comment posts and make my humble server unresponsive. It came down to a quartet of culprits:

  • 78.110.175.*
  • 83.233.30.*
  • 91.207.5.*
  • 195.190.13.*

WHOIS from one of the IPs returns "RIPE Network Coordination Centre". The first page of a Google search for them brings up someone complaining that they're the source of spammy activity. I finally added the "Deny from" to .htaccess and all is well. Every half hour or so those blocks bounce a dozen or so POSTs and get 403ed. Hopefully, this is good enough.

[ posted by sstrader on 1 August 2009 at 11:18:47 AM in Home Network & Gadgets ]