8 November 2009

Where was I?

A few weeks back, we met friends in Decatur and hung out at The Brick Store.


Halloween was handing out candy in Cabbagetown (tradition), then 1/2 price dinner (!) at Parish in Inman Park. The place was packed and there were several good costumes; one couple came as a chicken and egg, one waitress was a plausible-yet-more-attractive Amelia Earhart, and there was a scattering of cleavage at the bar. Hovering over the Greek statues in the middle of the room was a Halloween cat protecting us from evil, but unfortunately my phone captured him sideways:

Meow! on Twitpic

(Not sure if I blame the updated Blackberry Storm OS or some change on TwitPic, but it's starting to irritate me...)

Yesterday was the Cabbagetown Chomp and Stomp. A police-related snafu cut the 5k around 1k short, so I had a quite impressive time. Afterwards was prep, herding the cats that are the chili cook-off participants, and judging the chili booth Spirit Awards. Lisa got to chat with all of the celebrity chefs who were there to judge the restaurant chilis and enjoy their culinary bon mots while Robert and I did some spirit award stealth judging. LSU game afterwards at Tin Lizzies (a further walk that was anticipated) and hanging out at Mollie and Hugh's.

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