4 January 2010

Current home media options

Slashdot has an article on the state of media appliances for your home. Discussions on the following:

  • D-Link's BoxeeBox (repackaged Boxee machine) - streaming web content including Netflix, YouTube, and most anything else
  • Syabas' PopBox - Netflix
  • The Roku set-top box - Netflix
  • Samsung's BD-P1590 - CD/DVD/Blu-ray, Blockbuster, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora
  • PS3 - DVD/Blu-ray, Blockbuster, Netflix

My current media setup at home includes:

  • TiVo Series 2 - Amazon and Blockbuster rentals, includes new releases, from $1 to $6 each
  • Laptop - Netflix, Hulu, The Auteurs, and anything web-based
  • Oppo DVD player

When the Roku came out, I was intrigued (only $100!) but didn't really need it since my laptop acts as a universal client. And that seems to be the issue with the current round-up of devices: a laptop gives you everything. Considering the fact that Hulu is not yet supported on any of the above STB, I wouldn't hold my breath for sites like The Auteurs to be (and bittorrent is completely out). The only downside to a laptop is that using it is like watching TV circa 1970: no universal remote to start/stop/skip. Not so bad for 2-hour movies; annoying for a marathon of 44-minute episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Appliances make it more natural--Boxee being the most versatile--but compromises must be made for any of them.

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