19 March 2010

Words, art

[ updated 6 May 2014 ]

Was alerted to a new (ish?) art site called Artsy. They link to contemporary galleries and museums, including ones representing Barbara Kruger, and provide a clean presentation of art+bio. Neat. Did a successful test search for Liu Bolin, inspired by my obsession with a couple of his photos I'd seen a few years ago at Klein Gallery in NYC.

Two American women concept artists are on Twitter (although, I have doubts that it's them). Both are a natural fit for short text. Barbara Kruger has one account, infrequently updated. Jenny Holzer has four (that I could find). One that's straight up jennyholzer, three with cheeky variations: alsojennyholzer, fakejennyholzer (bio: Abuse of social media comes as no surprise.), and notjennyholzer. All use the same-ish style: short, wisdom-lite comments written in a cruise control font. JH has the most frequent updates and thus (by far) the most followers.

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