29 March 2010

Joining the ranks of gamers

After years of outsider curiosity, I've finally purchased a game console to try out the world of video games. I'd played in HS, but never cared enough to take time out and commit to gaming after that. Another flaw in my geek genes.

After lengthy advisory session from Ryan at work, I ordered a PS2 with an 8 GB memory card and a second controller. He has a PS3, but based on price, console quality, and game selection suggested that a PS2 would be suitable. First games are Prince of Persia (only available on PS2 and another reason for that choice), Xenosaga 1 (I'd watched the animated series streaming on Netflix, so thought it'd be interesting), and a three-pack of Resident Evil games (the movies being a guilty pleasure). I really wanted to try out Mirror's Edge--the HD trailer looks awesome--but that requires a PS3. I also briefly considered just getting PC games, but I wanted it to be more seamlessly TV-centered and using a laptop+keyboard was less compelling to me.

All items are currently floating through shipping space right now. Excitement.

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