30 June 2010

Where was I?

At the derby last Saturday watching the Dirty South Derby Girls fight the Black Sheep Rollergirls from Cincinnati. With only seeing one game, Lisa & I understand maybe half the rules at this point. Although the DSDGs had a phenomenal comeback after the half, we lost 117-126 to the BSRs, due mostly their "jammer" K Lethal. She was a force to be reckoned with and we were lucky to score what we did. We will definitely be returning for more Saturday nights at the derby. Funfunfun!


Monday night I discovered--apres cold shower--that our dripping A/C unit shorted out our water heater and tripped the breaker and (slightly) smoking up the utility closet. Yipes. We scheduled someone for each unit from the company who replaced our old A/C unit in 2006, Coolray. Tuesday morning both thermostats in the water heater were replaced and normal showering was again possible. This afternoon the drain pipe for the A/C unit was flushed and our steamy sauna-condo returned to its pre-greenhouse state. Although even with the heat, it's been kinda nice having the windows open with the city noises.

Into my 2nd week of dieting after I discovered via scale what I think I knew already via tightpants. My decadent lifestyle and (perhaps) slowwwed metabolism had packed on and extra 15 lbs.

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