3 October 2010

Offsite data backup options

Two years ago, I reviewed offsite backup options for our home network and chose Data Deposit Box (now KineticD) primarily for their Win2k and network mapping support. A year ago, I upgraded my home machines, got rid of the old OSes, and upgraded my web server to Ubuntu. With those changes in, it's time to compare my new options for backup. DDB's most serious limitation is cost/MB, and moving to a new service will finally make it affordable to backup our digital pics and my home recordings to something other than CDR.

I'm trying out CrashPlan after hearing about them during a Basement Coders podcast (advertising works?!). Their pricing across multiple computers is comparable to/better than Carbonite and Mozy. They can't access network shares (DDB's greatest benefit) but their version for Linux eliminates my need for that. Their binary install is full-featured, if a bit confusing at first, and their web site gives you access to all versions of your files.

[ posted by sstrader on 3 October 2010 at 6:40:52 PM in Home Network & Gadgets ]