7 May 2011

Movie week, day 1: Hanna

[ 3/5 | IMDB | Rotten Tomatoes ]

Inventive entry in the bad ass chick and abandoned spy genres, Hanna had both visual style and humor. The latter was needed to temper the sheer over-the-topness of much of the movie, something Sucker Punch could have learned from. The lead was perfectly cast, and her friendship with the delightfully vapid Australian girl provided some of the best quirky scenes. Excellent chase scene through shipping containers paired with one of the many gems in the soundtrack. The soundtrack was perfectly integrated and includes original work by The Chemical Brothers (adding some very No Fun Fest type of noise) plus: an absolutely beautiful Gypsy song, a track from David Bowie's first album, a menacing whistled tune a la Peter Lorre's "In the Hall of the Mountain King" in M, and "In the Hall of the Mountain King". Much like Shoot em Up uses cartoon references to telegraph meaning, this film uses fairy tales.

Pair Enter the Void's ridiculously overfull title sequence with Hanna's blunt statement. Both wonderful examples of the form.

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