The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

15-1/2 years ago I braved the early days of video streaming and its constant buffering to watch the transit of Venus in the middle of the night. Athens Greece was providing the video and the Exploratorium in San Francisco the science-y narration. I had first heard about the transit from, of all places, Thomas Pynchon’s book Mason & Dixon.

This YouTube live video of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction appeared to be the only one that was streaming. It was linked from several sources, but I found it first at The Virtual Telescope Project 2.0 in The 2020 Jupiter – Saturn great conjunction: online observation – 21 Dec. 2020. The narration was in English from the Italian Dr. Gianluca Masi, Ph.D. from the roof of his home in Ceccano, Frosinone, Italy.

The images are more humble that those that were streamed for the transit. 2000s buffering or no buffering.

11:55 AM

A slightly better image from 12:29 PM with Jupiters moon showing up more clearly and Saturn as an oval revealing its rings:

12:29 PM

Around 12,000 people were watching while I was there. The stream ended at 12:40 PM as the planets were approaching the horizon and clouds started moving in. The next conjunction will be in 2080.