12 December 2005

Where was I? What was I doing?

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking with Rupert Everett as an appropriately cold Holmes and the singularly unique appearance of Watson's wife (!). The Holmesian themes were present but not over-present, although I swear that much of the soundtrack (by Adrian Johnston) was stolen from Philip Glass's sound track for Mishima.

Eventful weekend up in Asheville at Nat and Frank's. Lisa had my car for a business trip to Charlotte on Friday, so I rode up with Shelby and Robert Saturday morning. We met for lunch at a nice restaurant called The Fig Bistro. Asheville has a surplus of fine restaurants. That evening was N&F's Christmas party in Black Mountain--the reason for our trip up north. Fun was had by all. I passed out on the couch while the rest of the Atlanta people returned to the cabin. The next day's (Sunday's) lunch was postponed by my car not starting. Yet another technological glitch. Frank and I fumbled around for much too long until we decided to give up and go to lunch. Worst case: I would leave my car for the VW dealer in town and fly/drive to get it back next weekend.

During lunch (at Table in Asheville), Frank got a call from his mechanic. (1) Cheap jumper cables will fail in cold weather, (2) as will old batteries. After saying goodbye to Lisa&Shelby&Robert with the optimistic intention of fixing the car that night, we found that both items described our situation perfectly. A different set of jumpers started the car, but the battery had nothing left to charge. New battery and free installation from Advanced Auto Parts (much to their regret 30 minutes later--Beetles are a bitch to replace anything) and I was on the road, headed back to the Dirty South.

And after all of that, I think I kicked the cold that I was getting last week.

Lisa's up in NYC with her mom for the next few days. They've got tickets to see our-famous-brother-in-law-in-law in the famous musical, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Groovy.

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