12 October 2013

My history of phones

1990s/2000s? - Qualcomm?


Vaguely remember this. Lisa and I had matching phones (aww) and I know there was some sort of text Internet thing where you could browse headlines and short news articles. Oh, and a little pixel worm game. Weirdly ancient.

2004 - Audiovox Thera

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This was a funny thing. It had speaker-phone-only, and you had to plug in an earpiece to listen to a call non-speaker. Browsing the internet of 2004 was what you would imagine. One night at a bar, I wowed friends with the ability to bring up porn. We had simple needs back then.

Feb 2006 - Treo 700w

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Got this around the time I was doing Windows CE development. Chicklet keys were the best for not-look-typing (i.e. texting and driving) as was the little toggle button.

Dec 2008 - BlackBerry Storm

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Back to no keyboard! This had a never-before and never-since feature of a physical click when you clicked on the screen. I and a minority of people in the world liked it; most hated it. This was also my first and only experience with screencrack and the basic unfixability of it all. 2008 doesn't seem that far in the past, yet my memory of using this phone feels like it was a decade ago. And now, of course, BlackBerry is circling the drain.

Mid 2010 - HTC Incredible

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Compared to the first few, phones are looking much less exotic. My first Android phone and the beginning of doing Android development. My dislike of Apple's walled garden made this choice obvious.

Early 2012 - HTC Rezound

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Continuing the Android thing and the HTC thing (with the HTC One likely my next). After almost two years it's getting that old-phone-lag. This also marked the point when Lisa joined the Android fun with the Razr Maxx.

[ updated 30 May 2017 ]

Joined Google's Project Fi in Mar 2016 and got a Nexus 5X for me and a Nexus 6P for Lisa.

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